Christians in Probation

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Christians in Probation!

Christians have been involved in the vital and challenging work of probation since it was started with a financial gift from Frederic Rainer and a handful of Police Court Missionaries in 1876. Our compassion for those caught in the cycle of offending and desire to see these individuals realise their God-given potential is the same today as it was back then. Today, Christians in Probation exists to bring together Christian probation staff, both past and present, and provide a means of sharing fellowship and support through prayer emails, a newsletter and a high-profile conference.

CIP aims to bring Christians associated with the Probation Service and its work together. We know there are lots of Christians in the service, and associated with it, many of whom know little or nothing of CIP, and we are trying to develop ways of networking them together. We want to help staff to think through issues around faith, criminal justice and the work place. To this end we support a national network of office-based prayer groups, enabling Christian staff to meet regularly for mutual support and prayer. Weekly emails give a criminal justice related prayer topic to unite members in prayer. We encourage staff to sit on equalities consultation panels and other such forums. We publish an annual newsletter and hold Conferences.